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Your life can feel inspiring, juicy, creative, and purposeful. 
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Working with me will ignite your creativity, empower you to create your most meaningful work and contribute to the world you long to see, and create or sustain the epic loves of your life. Depending on your style, we can work one-on-one, in a small group, in a workshop, or on a retreat.

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Join the 2018 Empowerment Mastermind to create what you were meant to create in the next year. Whether your plans for 2018 involve launching a new business, starting a non-profit, ramping up your current work or side hustle, or delving into your personal life with a deeper commitment to self care, healing love wounds, or finding romance–your goals and dreams will be nurtured and supported here. Learn More






Ready to go deeper?

In private coaching, we will get cozy and create together, exploring the ins and outs of your visions, desires, dreams, goals, and ambitions. My experience teaching, researching, leading, and creating — plus my art supplies — will all be at your disposal, as we craft the work of art that is your path. In a safe environment, we will also address any hurts or harms in your story that feel untended, allowing you to get clarity and closure so that you can move forward, shining brilliantly. In our coaching sessions, we will examine your life with a 360 lens. We will craft your ideal life, and then outline the concrete steps to get you there.
You will come away feeling recharged, ready to take your vision and put it into practice. Available by skype or in person. Learn More. Sessions start at $110.

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In a vision board workshop or a goddess circle, you’ll get crystal clear on your desires, dreams and plans with guided meditation, introspective journaling, a stack of magazines, and a little glitter glue.

Join for an evening or an afternoon of crafting & guided help creating your ideal life through vision board workshops, art journaling, meditating, and visualization, in a circle of sisterhood. You’ll walk in the art studio and take a seat, breathing in the magic of the creativity all around you as you pour yourself some rosé or sparkling water, and get a few pieces of chocolate. Through guided visualizations and writing exercises, you’ll collect the clues you need to  get curious about your life, curating the work, home, and life that you are truly meant to have. You’ll come away clear on your next steps, your big vision, your deepest love, and the work you are meant to do along the way.  Hundreds of women (ad a few men!) have utilized these workshops to create a life of meaning, magic, and to jumpstart their momentum with my unique, loving, and creative guidance. Wine, sweets, magazines, paints, poster board, and glitter glue all lovingly provided for you. All you need to bring is yourself, questions, confusion, excitement, and best friends welcome.
I keep the sizes of these very small for maximum impact.
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Investment: $30-$40

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Or plan your vision board workshop as a private event
for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or corporate retreat.
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On a group retreat, you’ll be able to take a deeper dive into the work that you are called to do, set in a beautiful location. Through guided arts, activities, meditations, writings, and special treats, you’ll leave renewed and refocused on what matters most.

Heart Space retreats are a chance to take a deep dive into the creative empowerment strategies that enable your life to be vibrant and meaningful.
Our next retreat will be in the Fall of 2018 as we come together over the energy of Autumn and connect to nature as we craft our goals and hone in on our genius in the realm of our work, our love, and our bodies in cozy cabins in the woods.
Stay tuned for more information.

Book a free exploratory call to chat about what would work best for you.


Even if we never create together, I want you to know this:
Your visions matter, and your greatest work of art is the one you have been crafting your entire life: you. 

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