the coaching experience


Heal from heartbreak and past pain.
Discover what you need to make life feel full, exciting, and magical.
Create routines and practices that cultivate sparkling self love and trust.
Shed layers of shame and tightness around sexual trauma and unhealed wounds.
Fall deeply in love with your life, inviting romance in with your every breath.

Uncover the deepest, truest love of your life — you.



This is a ten session coaching program that will focus on cultivating self love, trust, and passion for women who are ready to create a life they truly love.

With private coaching, I help women tune in to the life that is calling them, building the reservoirs of self-love & trust that result in epic, deep relationships and satisfying, inspiring work.

Coaching is an investment in yourself that continues to pay off for the rest of your life, as it unfolds upon the foundation you’ll have built of healing, wholeness, and profound clarity in your truest self.


Whether you are…

looking to create a deeper connection with your partner,
or to your body,

ready to heal from trauma, harassment, or heartbreak,

excited to uncover your deepest callings and create meaningful work,

longing to embody your sexuality, brilliance, and power,

or simply desiring the space to craft a beautiful life alone in which:
dating is fun,
being single feels delicious,
and every moment is magical in its own way…

this package is for you.

Each program is tailored to fit your needs, but all include special gifts from me, access to my current workshops and group programs, and private coaching sessions via Skype, over the phone, or in-person that will bring you the right combination of healing, comfort, inspiration, and encouragement.


You don’t have to feel lost.
You aren’t in this alone. 

Book a free exploratory call to discuss what would be best for you. 
Or book a package and get started. 

Fall in love with your life.


What is involved in a ten session coaching package? 

SESSION 1: Assess & Align
Complete a life evaluation with a holistic needs assessment and uncover the deepest areas in your life that feel draining, unfulfilled, and unhealed.
Identify goals, desires, and dreams for the next five months.
Access your inner wisdom and inner voice.

SESSION 2: Uncover and Release
Discover the power of self-love with an emphasis on heart-healing tools, addressing heartbreak and healing family systems.

Learn tools for loving and conscious pleasure as you craft a supportive, creative, and beautiful self-care routine. Incorporate the core foundations of holistic sexuality, the five pillars of feminine presence, and the three keys to ultimate relaxation.


SESSION 4: Recover and Heal
Engage with the tools to loosen the grip of hurt, heartbreak, and traumatic experiences or thought patterns that keep tension and anxiety in your body and in your sexuality. Restore and amplify the pleasure and joy you experience in your sexuality, feeling safe, secure, and sensual.

SESSION 5: Freedom
Explore your divine purpose and get crystal clear on your mission. Take steps toward generating sexual wholeness and accessing your inner goddess: healed, golden, and free. Explore sex and the five senses, goddess archetypes, and tantric breathwork.

SESSION 6: Dating, relationships, and partners
Explore relationship blueprints, including: how we love, why we run, and how to fully express yourself within a relationship and while searching for a relationship. Explore the pleasures and dangers of dating, and construct a relationship toward partnership or dating that feels free and meaningful.

SESSION 7: Danger and Shadow
Examine the fears and dangers that comprise the shadow side of sexuality, discussing jealousy, dark fantasies, slut-shaming, danger and violence, and sexual fear. Learn to hear your intuitive voice, as well as your fear, and determine when to listen to each.

SESSION 8:  Creating a Vibrant Sexual Ecology
Understand guilt, shame and fear and restore your sense of love, safety and belonging, Explore sex and the brain, the neurobiology of sex, orgasm and pleasure and practice tapping into your sexual energy.

SESSION 9: Desires & Delights
Create a map to your heart’s deepest longings and explore your desires authentically and fully. Translate your vision into a clear path to action.

SESSION 10: Empower
Articulate and own your sexual story in a loving, heart-centered voice. Establish clear boundaries and protection for your sexual freedom and power in love. Embody your power and experience your desire as a force to be celebrated, trusted, and adored.


No matter how hurt, broken, or lost you may feel,
You can feel at home in your body, adored in your relationships,
and at ease with your sexuality.


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