What is coaching?

A way to go deeper.


Whether you’ve made a vision board in a workshop with me or not, we can turn your dreams and desires into action, together. I think of this as the work of co-creating — I’m here to champion your purpose, your vision, and your goals.

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Who this is for:

you know you are here to make the world a better place, whether for your family, your community, or the whole planet, but you’re not sure you’re on the right path. Insecurities, past hurts, annoying bosses, body shame, family drama, and sometimes just feeling kind of itchy under your skin all take turns getting in the way.

But sister, you can feel alive & aligned, clear on your purpose, your vision, and your plan to get there with lots of pleasure and fun along the way. You can feel like your work and your life, your love life and your friendships, your body and your spirit, are all part of your work of art. I’m here to hand you back the paintbrush.

A few things we might work on together: your new business idea, job satisfaction, healing romantic wounds, pleasurable weight loss, self care, giving and service, curating your schedule, cultivating deep friendships, and elevating your deep sense that you belong here.

For more information, and to schedule a phone call, book a free, 30 minute exploratory call, or if you’re ready, schedule your first two hour session and we will get right down to creating together.

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