how to hibernate

For the first time, I’m thinking of how to take a lesson from winter.

It’s been easy for me to see the beauty of Springtime, as blooms burst up from the ground. Ripening and harvesting in Summer. Autumn, my favorite season, has always felt full of promise and cozy. But for the first time, I’m exploring what it means to be in winter. Where the work happens underground, beneath a blanket of earth and snow, as green seed secrets start plotting their growth spurts. Where the pace of the planet (at least, here in our hemisphere) is one of pausing: snuggling and storing up, preparing, hibernating.

Which is, actually, not the way that America does December.

Which feels, actually, more like: utter chaos!

So, instead of drowning the pressure to charm at parties and give the perfect gift, and consume more than we meant to in almost every direction, and feel zippers getting too tight (or maybe that’s just me?) and travel plans getting too complicated and worries about what will make everyone happy getting too frenzied, what if we…

Got cozy.
Got honest.
Got deep into our winter, making space to soothe and pause and grow, as a year ends and a new one starts to whisper of becoming.

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you’re glowing: crafting self care

What do you need, love?
This is the time to ask.
This is the time in which I’d love to invite you in, to uncover your truest self, your deepest love. To join in the work of creating the world we want to see, together.

Because it is almost December, and it has been a journey.
Because the crisp air and the sharp winds can be soft compared to the voice inside us demanding more, better, faster, happier.

The end of the year makes me think about the beginning.
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on getting the best advice

Things I have googled:

“How to know the right job for you”
“How to make friends as an adult”
“How to use a radiator”
“How to know the difference between intuition and fear”

I’ve spent many a moment cross legged on my couch, one hand holding a cup of coffee (okay, or wine) and the other typing in how-to-be-a-person type questions into my phone. I’ve found some great answers, and I’m thankful for this world-wide-web, but there’s one place that I often forget to turn for advice…
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the wild feminine in us

The water was freezing, so I jumped straight in.

I was surrounded by 29 other women who had gathered for a retreat in the woods of Massachusetts, all to come home to the idea of what was sacred & what was real: that the land was sacred, that our bodies were sacred, that what we were doing here on this planet at this moment was divine.

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