Crafting Autumn: Make A Vision Board


It is Fall.

Time for sharpened pencils, and new planners, and pumpkins — there is something about this moment that is still so deliciously reminiscent for me of things I love: new starts, new classes, blank pages. It’s like new year’s, but with pie. I always think of it as a time for starting over. This is my favorite time of year.

For grownups (that’s what we call ourselves, right?) it’s also a great time for getting centered and focused for a couple of reasons: impending holidays, a few months until the end of the year, and a world that is aching and burning and in need of our help. Now is the time to get clear on what fills your cup so that you can pour out service for others, while living vibrantly and feeling deeply loved.

Enter: the vision board. A space to craft your dreams & plans, your desires & your inner self. I run workshops where you can make these with me (and I supply the magazines… and wine) but I thought I’d share three tips on crafting yours at home, in case you’d like to get down to it on your own…

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What is leadership?

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For a lot of us, the qualities of leadership show up in our daily work. Inspiring others, passionate focus, clarity of purpose–these are all crucial to motivating colleagues, partners, students, and even ourselves. It’s easy to feel like a leader when things are working — your systems are managed, you are proud of your work, you are making time to eat a vegetable or two.

But what about when things are… kind of messy?

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Introducing the 2018 Empowerment Mastermind.

Starting in January, join an intimate group of women for a five month journey that will nurture your wildest ambitions, your clearest goals, and your surest self. This is the year. Enrollment is limited, so if this feels like the right fit, secure your spot today.


The Empowerment Mastermind is perfect if you:

-have been considering starting a project but need an extra push of momentum

-feel like you are a Lone Ranger as you pursue your dream business, work promotion, or side hustle

-know that there are deeper issues standing in the way of your next venture, but aren’t sure how to start

-worry that your great idea will atrophy without deliberate intention and energy from you

-are searching for that special thing that *you* do better than anyone else, your purpose, your desire, your vision — who you are here to serve — your “why”

-long for sisterhood–a group of independent, inspiring, supportive women whose work you admire and who can encourage, teach, sympathize with, and chat with you about everything from Real Housewives to the Dalai Llama

-truly feel ready to do the work of crafting the life you know you were meant for, one of beauty, art, passionate work, purpose, service, deep love and friendship, and inspired alignment

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A ritual for creating space in your heart for grieving loss, pain, disaster, and despair

The world is heaving under the weight of our hurt, brutal hurricanes have devastated Puerto Rico and left Florida and Houston on their knees. As we watch the news, or experience its painful silence, it can be hard to stay connected to so much pain in an embodied, true way. For sensitive types, it can be tempting to disengage entirely. Our stomach is in knots, our heads are throbbing, our toes are clenched—we can’t handle the suffering. For engaged types, it can be hard to care for our spirits while we stay tuned in. Our eyes are glued to the images of disasters, our hearts are racing, our mind is spinning—we can’t donate or share stories fast enough. In the midst of both is the reality of trauma that so many of our brothers and sisters face. What do they need? What can we do? How can healing ever come, to mama earth, to our human family, and to every creature in between?

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Play is Part of Your Work


I wanted to show off a few photos that I adore from a fun afternoon that I spent playing — playing dress up, quite literally, and playing around with people I loved to make something fun! We set out to recreate a few scenes from one of my very favorite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I got to spend a little time inhabiting the world of croissants, powder room visits, and Tiffany’s, a la Holly GoLightly.

It was making time to play.

It’s all fun and games, but it’s also decidedly serious.

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Sacred Work, Wise Pain, and the Power of Pleasure


This work is sacred.

Making vision boards with people, pouring them wine, meditating about the careers that will give back the most, dreaming of the houses that will support and hold our families, the art that we want to make of our lives and the space we are creating for our hearts — it is work that I think of as sacred. (Even the wine!)

What I want to bring to the table at every retreat, in every workshop, and in every one-on-one meeting with a client is my full-on best self. And some parts of that are important. I want to bring my full attention, my laser focus, my warmest welcome, and a lovely, funky, creative atmosphere full of snacks, art supplies, spiritual resources, delicious candles, mason jars full of really easy-to-write-with pens, blank journals, pretty crystals, and pots of coffee–anything that will make the place we are (whether an art studio, a rooftop, my living room, or a far flung magical space) into a place where deep transformation and creative fun can happen. The intersection of breathing easy and giving birth to something new. That heart space.

I want it to all be perfect.


But, there is another dimension to that desire for bringing my best self. It has more to do with what I want to hide, rather than what I invite into and unveil…

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